How to Regenerate Thumbnails on WordPress website?

Do you want to know how to regenerate thumbnails on the WordPress website?

While switching from one theme to another in your existing website, the images may not be properly displayed on your site. While looking at the theme demo, the images were perfect but after installing on your site, it looks weird with variable sizes of the images. Did you notice this type of issue on your site and looking for the perfect solution?

As you can see the before and after the case. In before, the size of the images is not the same but after, the size of the images is the same.

If you are facing the same issue after installing the new theme, you need to regenerate thumbnails using the plugin. Among the various plugins, here we are going to recommend you Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

  • From your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins
  • Click on Add New
  • Search plugin Regenerate Thumbnails
  • Click on Install and then Activate

After that, you need to regenerate the thumbnails from the tools menu of the admin panel.

  • From Tools menu of Admin panel go to Regenerate Thumbnails
  • Next, click on the Regenerate Thumbnail button as shown in the below image.

It takes a few minutes as per the numbers of images you have.

Check your site on the incognito mode(ctrl+shift+n) of the browser to see the changes. Because of the cache, it may take some time to see the changes as well.

If you have any questions regarding this, comment us below.

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