How can I be an author on Template Sell?
To be an author on Template Sell, all you need is an account with us and then submit your items. You can create an account on Template Sell easily by following few quick steps. Please check this guide to learn more about opening an account with Template Sell. Once your Template Sell account is ready, you can sign-in to your account, visit your dashboard and upload your item to sell via this marketplace.
How to upload/submit an item on Template Sell?

First, You must have an account with Template Sell. After successfully creating the account, login to the marketplace.

Go to your Template Sell Menu and hover on Your Username. You will see the Upload Items on Drop-down Menu.

Hit the Upload Items Links. It will bring the item upload page. Provide necessary information and finally upload your item.

Don’t forget to read the submission guidelines to ensure that you are aware of the standard practices on the marketplace

What are exclusive and non-exclusive items?

When you sell an item via the Template Sell marketplace, the total purchase price is made up of what you get from the sales plus the Template Sell service fee. We’ve categorized all of the items primarily into two categories: Exclusive and Non-Exclusive items. It defines the amount/percentage of commission the author will receive from sales of their items.

1. Exclusive Items

An exclusive item is that specific item you sell ONLY on Template Sell market. It cannot be sold anywhere else. Our author sales commission for exclusive items is 70% of the item price. Commission for Exclusive items is based on the number of sales for each item. The more your products sold, the more commission you get, even 80% of the final price if an item is sold more than 5000 times.

2. Non-Exclusive Items

You can sell your Non-Exclusive items on multiple marketplaces besides Template Sell. Our author sales commission for non-exclusive items is 40% of the item price.

What does the customer expect from an author?

A customer spends money to purchase your item(s). They buy it with a hope in mind that they will be able to utilize the stuff and build awesome web properties. They have some expectations to the authors. An author should always keep it in mind and honor their clients. The customer expects some basic things from you, (the author).

Accurate Item Description

Be honest with the item description. Tell the audience actually what it is. What it can do and where they can use it. Customers read through an item details before making a purchase. If you don't provide the accurate information, they would be misguided.

Go In Details

Describe the item as much as seems to be reasonable. A potential buyer should get a clear idea about an item from its description. Remember, if you sell an item with obscure information, it may cause confusion and eventually lead to a refund request.

Mention Known Issues

Mention known shortcomings where applicable. Suppose, if your particular theme faces an issue with a specific plugin or a relevant technology, tell it in the item description. It will help users have a better experience.

How to write the changelog for theme updates?

Changelogs are very important to inform the visitors/potential customers about the latest improvements in your theme. While updating an item, you should write the theme changelogs in the ‘Changelog’ field.

So, under the hood, here we've used several classes to display changelog labels like 'New', 'Update' and 'Bug fix'. This will present your updated theme with more details on what's new about the item.

What links or texts can I put in the item description, demo and downloadable package?

To make Template Sell a great marketplace for all of the buyers, authors and other stakeholders, we require the authors to follow some best practices in inserting URLs, writing descriptions, creating preview pages and preparing the download packages. What we treat to be okay include but not limited to:

If you use assets those are required to be credited, you can mention the source and link to it.

You can provide links to online documentations or support forums.

Relevant social media profile links are allowed.

We govern the linking practices by a fair use policy. You may not place our competitors’ URL or branding on Template Sell. For non-exclusive items, you cannot provide an alternative download source on Template Sell site.

Can I sell or share not mine template/theme on Template Sell ?

In general by posting Content (Template/Theme) on or through the Template Sell , You represent and warrant that: the work is yours (you own it) and/or you have the right to use it and the right to grant us the rights and license as provided in these Terms, and that the posting through the Service does not violate the privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, contract rights or any other rights of any person or entity. We reserve the right to terminate the account of anyone found to be infringing on a copyright.

Can sellers make more money by selling an item here exclusively?

Yes.Sellers receive 60–80% of every sale for items sold exclusively on Template Sell. If the same content is sold on other marketplaces or sites then they receive 40% of every sale.

Are items reviewed or will you accept anything?
Each item goes through an extensive review process to ensure that our quality standards have been met. Please review and follow the guidelines outlined in the submission guidelines before submitting an item for review.
Can sellers add links to other websites?
Our Service may contain links to third party web sites or services that are not owned or controlled by Template Sell , especially to show template demo. But Sellers cannot add links to others markets in demo URL, Support URL field or hidden in description.


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