This page describes TemplateSell’s payment terms intended for sellers in the marketplace. TemplateSell authority reserves the right to modify these terms without any prior notice.

Payment Schedule

Our payment schedule is the 15th of each month. That means sellers who sell their products via the TemplateSell marketplace will get payments on the 15th of every month for the last calendar month. So, the January revenue/balance is paid on February 15th. The 15 days hold is put on revenue/balance as a fraud prevention measure.

Minimum Payment Balance

The minimum payment amount is $50. If a seller’s account balance doesn’t reach that minimum amount in a certain month, we will carry forward the balance to the next payment schedule. The payment is calculated till the last day of an eligible calendar month. The payment of disbursement month’s revenue is not counted.

To make this clearer, here is an example. Suppose, a seller’s account has a $100 balance till January 31st. This amount is to be paid on February 15th. The revenue between February 1st to February 15th will not be included in the exemplified payment. The February revenue will be paid on March 15th. Sellers can always check the available balance on their account dashboard.

Payment Methods

Payments will be made to the selected payment method defined by the seller. Currently, we support PayPal as payment methods. We only proceed with the payment after request.

Refund Policy

In case of refunds, the respective seller will pay the refunded amount. If there incurs any transaction charge due to the refund, the concerned seller is required to pay that fee. If the seller’s account doesn’t have sufficient balance to meet the refund payment, there will be a negative balance in his/her account which is to be adjusted from his/her item sales revenues.

Proper Information

The seller must provide correct and legitimate payment method information in order to withdraw their revenue from TemplateSell.

These terms can be explained by only the TemplateSell authority. Please feel free to raise a query.

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