20+ Good reasons to choose WordPress among all other CMS

As we know that, WordPress is powerful Content Management System. Besides WordPress, there are various other CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Radiant, TextPattern etc. Among all of them, WordPress is incredibly powerful, popular and best CMS. Among the various reasons to choose WordPress here, we are going to discuss some of the good reasons.

There is no any comparison of other CMS with WordPress because WordPress is flexible, user-friendly and really flexible CMS. Besides that, there are various reasons to choose WordPress and we will be discussing some best reasons here.

Are you still in dilemma to go with  WordPress? Some of your colleagues and research results suggest using alternative CMS than WordPress?

You heard that WordPress is only a blogging platform?

In this blog post, we are going to make you clear that why you should go with WordPress and the best reasons to choose WordPress as well.

The first thing you need to become clear is that WordPress is not just a blogging platform. You can make any type of website using WordPress. You can develop e-commerce, corporate, business, blog, portfolios and any type of website you want.

Today, we are here to make you clear with more than 20 good reasons to choose WordPress among all other CMS.

Why should you use WordPress?

1. WordPress Powered Around 30% of Total Website

Around 30% of the website on the internet use WordPress. The number is increasing and more than 60% of website use WordPress among all other CMS. So, there is no any competitive alternative than WordPress.

2. More than 60% occupied by WordPress among all other CMS

WordPress occupied more than 60% of today website developed by CMS. The top competitors are Joomla and it occupied only 6.8% and it’s too less.

3. Available more than 52000 free plugins

This is so much popular because of available free plugins as well. There are more than 52000 free plugins and thousands of premium version as well. You can easily add or integrate new features and functionality easily with the plugins.  And the best things is they are trusted and secured.

4. Free and Premium Themes

By changing the theme, you can easily make your site with new looks. There are more than 5000 free themes and thousands of premium themes available in different marketplaces. So, it’s not hard to change your website looks if you are using WordPress. Even you will get free support and updates in the free version as well.

5. WordPress is multilingual

With WordPress, you can make your site in your own language. WordPress supports 169 different languages. Now you can make a site in your own language.

Moreover, there are various other reasons to choose WordPress among all other CMS. Some reasons are listed below.

  • Free support available via official support forum
  • Make any type of website with theme and plugins
  • WordPress is accessibility-ready
  • It is SEO friendly coding structure
  • Faster than all other CMS
  • Responsive and devices friendly
  • Easy to use admin dashboard and content management method
  • Meetup and WordCamp organize globally to learn more about WordPress
  • The top and Popular website is using WordPress
  • Easy to integrate with popular online payment methods
  • Affordable and free
  • WordPress is GPL
  • Running with 15 years of increasing success
  • Usage latest technology and trends
  • Can develop website offline in localhost easily

In addition, there are so many good reasons to choose WordPress. If you have any more good things about WordPress and want to include in this list, please kindly let us know the below comment section. We will add it to the above list.

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