Product Details

Mega Menu for Elementor is an all in one nav menu pack. There you will get Sticky Menu, Hamburger Menu, One Page Menu, Mega Menu within the single package.

This plugin adds a Navigation Element and Mega Menu Extension. The mega menu builder is configured with the Elementor Page builder. Make sure to enable the extension from the left sidebar of your menu.

Mega Menu For Elementor

Let’s check some details feature of Mega Menu for Elementor:

Sticky Menu: There are 4 variations of sticky navbar. These are On Scroll Sticky, Smart Scroll, Fixed on Scroll, Fixed top. The smart scroll is one of the popular style. When someone scrolls up, the menu will appear then only. Play with other variation and decide the best one for you.

One Page: Imagine, you need a one-page website to promote your business. You prefer to showcase each and every info inside the homepage instead of creating multiple pages. At this time, One-page menu will help you to allow visitors to navigate from one section to another section easily.

Mega Menu: Arrange your mega menu in using Elementor Page editor. Just create a simple menu from the appreance>menu. Then enable the mega menu extension. Now you can create any type of menu and use any element from your Elementor library.

Hamburger Menu: It’s fine if you want to place a hamburger menu on the desktop too. By default, the Hamburger menu is enabled in Mobile. Select desktop from the hamburger option and select how you want to appear the menubar. There are three different styles. Nav Menu inside the menu area, Full-screen nav menu, & Off-canvas nav menu.

Menu position: There are three positions for default, one page, and hamburger menu – Left, Right, and Center. Select the perfect position for your menu.

Mega Menu for Elementor
Mega Menu for Elementor
Mega Menu for Elementor
Mega Menu for Elementor
Mega Menu for Elementor

Features: There are some other features you should consider.

  1. Arrange Mega Menu Using Elementor Editor
  2. Multiple Variation of Sticky Menu
  3. Horizontal and Vertical Navigation Menu
  4. Click and Hover Menu trigger
  5. Mobile Menu Logo
  6. Mobile logo height & Width
  7. Hamburger Menu For Desktop
  8. Hamburger Menu Background
  9. Custom Height and Menu Background style
  10. Custom Typography For Menu
  11. Alignment not working in hamburger menu
  12. Justify alignment works like center
  13. Sticky nav not working
  14. Tablet layout not working like desktop

Change Log

v 1.0.0: initial release

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