How to Add Email Subscriptions to Your WordPress Blog?

Getting more subscribers to your WordPress blog is always important. More the email subscriptions to your WordPress blog, the more the blog readers and visitors you will get. You can send them newsletters and blog posts updated via email. Email is one of the biggest assets to all the bloggers and website owners.

When you start a WordPress blog, you always wonder about increasing website traffic. Thus, collecting email via subscription method and get in touch with them is a good idea to promote your blog.

Recently, one of our users gets in trouble adding a subscription to his blog via email. Hence, in this blog post, we are going to share with you how to add an email subscription to your WordPress blog. Add an email subscription easily and prepare your email list now. It’s free.

Importance of adding email subscriptions to your WordPress blog

Email is the direct method of communication with the target audience. Those who visit your website and finds the content interesting, they probably look at the options for the subscription for further notification and newsletters.

If you have the email list, you can also promote your products, services and offers with them. You can directly reach their inbox and do marketing. Isn’t that amazing?

How to add an email subscription on the WordPress blog?

There was a thought that adding an email subscription is complicated, however, that is not true. You can easily do with the help of plugin and there are numbers of such free plugins available in the WordPress repository.

In the beginning, you need to find the awesome and best plugin for the email subscription. Before writing this article, I did some research about the email subscriptions and found MailChimp and some other plugins too. Besides that, I got interested in WP Subscription Forms. Even though it is a very new WordPress plugin, but very easy to use and has ample powerful features even in the free version.

What is WP Subscription Forms?

It is a free WordPress plugin for an email subscription on WordPress website including blog, magazine, corporate, etc. You can create unlimited subscription forms with beautifully designed 10+ free templates, popup subscription, and email list export features via the WordPress dashboard.

Moreover, it has ajax form submission, double options to verify subscribers, enable and disable each for components, etc.

Installing and making Subscription Form

Now, I am going to share how to get started with this plugin and make awesome forms for an email subscription. In the beginning,

  • From the WordPress dashboard go to the Plugins
  • Click on Add New
  • Search WP Subscription Forms
  • Click on Install and Activate

Now you can start making the forms. You will see a new menu in the Admin Dashboard now.

Add Email Subscriptions to Your WordPress Blog

Next, click on Add New Form as shown in the above image to make a new form. Click on the add new form button and see there more options.

You will see some options and setting there. The first one is the general settings for this form. You can put the Form title, message, double opt-in, form success message, etc.

Add Email Subscriptions to Your WordPress Blog

After that, you need to manage the Form Setting. It contains a plethora of settings for your form. This section has the title, subtitle, email field, button text, footer part, etc.

  • Enter the Heading for the Form(You have the option to show/hide the title)
  • You can also add Sub Heading and it has the option to show and hide it.
  • Name Field, you can make it optional or mandatory. Also, add the label of the name.
  • The email field label is available
  • Terms and condition fields support HTML tags, you can put the terms and condition links too.
  • Subscribe button text – enter your own button text.
  • The footer section is available to put some extra text at the end of the subscription form.

Add Email Subscriptions to Your WordPress Blog

Display the form in the front end

After adding all the information, click on the Save button at the top. After that, the page will be redirected and go to the General Setting tab. Now, you will see the shortcodes of that form. Copy that shortcodes and put that code whenever necessary to display it.

Add Email Subscriptions to Your WordPress Blog

After copying that code,

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Sidebar
  • Select the text widget
  • Paste the shortcode
  • Click on Save and Publish button to save the changes

Now, your recently created subscription form is displayed on the sidebar. See how it will look like on the default template. Below, I will show you have to change the template too.

Add Email Subscriptions to Your WordPress Blog

How to change the layout of the subscription form?

The free version of the WP Subscription Form comes with 10 free templates. You can just select the template and it will reflect on the front end.

From the Layout Settings, you can change the layout easily. See the screenshot below.

Add Email Subscriptions to Your WordPress Blog

Furthermore, you have the option to manage the Email Setting. From the Email Setting section, you have an option for From Email, From Name, Confirmation email subject, confirmation message.

Add Email Subscriptions to Your WordPress Blog

Here I described how to add a subscription in your WordPress blog. Now, you can add the required form with the same process above. This plugin support unlimited form possibilities. Download this plugin now and start making the list of subscribers.

Where we can see the list of the Subscribers?

It is super easy to find the list of subscribers in your WordPress dashboard. From the menu of the WP Subscription Form, you can see the option for Subscribers. Click on it and see the list of subscribers. You can also filter the subscribers based on your form. Isn’t that amazing? Now, export the email lists on the CSV file and use those emails based on your requirements.

Add Email Subscriptions to Your WordPress Blog


I believe that you will love this plugin and making a method for the subscription. This is the best and easy method to add an email subscription to your WordPress site.

Is there any plugin that is more powerful than this? Please leave your comment below. I love to see that and will share the reviews and will write about that plugin in the coming days.

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