Beginners Guide – How to make a contact form in WordPress website?

As we know that there are various premium and free contact form plugins for WordPress and they help us to make a contact form in WordPress website. However, each plugin has its own way of using. Some plugins are very easy to use, whereas, some are hard to use. In this blog post, we are going to share with you the best and easy method to make a contact form in WordPress website.

What is the importance of contact form on the website?

Contact form helps your visitor to contact you directly and help to communicate with the visitors or users. Thus each and every website needs contact forms to engage your users. Moreover, such type of form can be helpful for subscription, getting reviews, to get direct feedback as well. Thus contact form has various usage on the website.

How to add the best form in a WordPress website?

Making contact form in WordPress website is super easy. Because there are various contact form plugins you can use for your website. But we are going to recommend you the best plugin for it. The plugin we are going to recommend is Everest Forms. It has a plethora of useful features, dedicated support and easy to use. In addition to that, it is Gutenberg as well as Elementor compatible.

Besides Everest Forms, there are some popular plugins like Contact Form 7, Kali Forms, WP Forms, WE Forms, etc. However, Everest Forms is the best plugin among them. You can also check why Everest Forms is better than Contact Form 7.

At first, you need to login to your WordPress website. And need to install the WordPress plugin named Everest Forms.

  • From your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins
  • Click on Add New and search the plugin Everest Forms
  • Click on Install and Activate
  • After the activation, you will see a new menu in your dashboard.

Everest Forms comes with default form as well. You can just use that form shortcodes on page, post or widget to display it. That is super easy. Furthermore, you can also make your own contact forms by using drag and drop fields as well.

make a contact form in WordPress

How to display the form on the page?

Now you have form shortcode. You need to copy this shortcode and paste in the page or post, wherever necessary. In the beginning, you need to make a page on your website. Next, paste the shortcodes there and publish the page. When you preview that page, you will see awesome contact form there.

make a contact form in WordPress

After publishing the page, you can see the preview of your forms. The front page view will look like this.

make a contact form in WordPress

Is there a Custom Gutenberg widget for Everest Forms?

Yes, if you are using Gutenberg WordPress editor, you don’t even need to copy and paste the shortcodes. You can simply do the following things.

make a contact form in WordPress

  • From Pages click on Add New
  • Give the title of the page
  • In the content section, click on + sign and select the widget.
  • You will see the Everest Form custom block.
  • Click on it and from the drop-down select from the available forms.
  • Click on the Publish button to save and publish the page.
  • You can now see the page to know how your form will look like.

How to make own custom forms using Everest Forms?

Everest Forms is very simple and easy to use. To make your own custom forms, you need to do the following things.

  • Go to the Everest Forms menu in the admin dashboard.
  • Click on Add New
  • You will see a section to create a blank form.
  • After that, you will see the list of the fields you can use for the form.
  • Select and drag the fields and make your own form.

make a contact form in WordPress

You can easily customize all the forms fields and manage the settings as well. This plugin has so much flexibility, so check all the available features before asking for support. 😉

Wrapping Up

We believe that now you can easily add the contact form in your WordPress website. Most of the contact form plugins use shortcodes to display the forms. So, you can learn how to use shortcodes as well. This plugin is compatible with both free WordPress themes as well as premium themes.

Do you have any feedback or suggestion to the developers of Everest Forms? Write down in the comment section below.

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