WP Adminify Review: Best WordPress Dashboard Plugin for 2022

If you’ve found the appearance or functionality of the dashboard of WordPress limiting, you should consider using a customizable dashboard plugin. That’s where the WP Adminify right fits in and we are here with WP Adminify review.

WP Adminify is a powerful plugin that lets users have a totally redesigned WordPress dashboard. The plugin also can add unique features to enhance your operations.

Overall, it’s a significant improvement over the standard WordPress dashboard. In this in-depth WP Adminify review, you’ll learn all of the capabilities of the plugin as well as how it operates.

WP Adminify has over 18 distinct modules. Thus it’s pretty impossible to go through each one of them in depth. But first, let’s have a broad overview of how the plugin WP Adminify works, followed by a more in-depth look at some particular features. This will give you a decent indication of what to expect from the plugin.

When you make WP Adminify active, it immediately starts redesigning the dashboard. Here’s how the default features, with an emphasis on the plugins page:

Diving in the Feature of WP Adminify

If you’ve ever found the appearance or functionality of the WordPress dashboard colorless and boring, you should consider using WP Adminify. It’s a powerful plugin that lets you have a totally redesigned WP Dashboard and adds a slew of features to enhance your operations.

Altogether, you’ll get a significant improvement over the standard WordPress dashboard. In this in-depth review, you’ll know all about the plugin’s capabilities and how it operates.

You’ll be able to customize your dashboard elements and experience if you have a WordPress site. It’ll also help you deliver a more user-oriented, white-labeled vibe to your customers if you develop WordPress sites for them. 

Light and Dark Mode

Light and Dark Mode WP Adminify

The interface may be shown in either bright or dark mode.  Pick your mode with even a simple toggle manually. The theme will also let you have your dashboard according to your system choices.

Menu Editor

Menu Editor

Quickly rearrange the menu items in your dashboard sidebar. You can also change names and make them invisible for particular user roles. This user role functionality may be extremely handy for client sites, allowing you to prevent clients from destroying things.

Admin Notice Removal

Admin Notice Removal

As a user, you can use this option to conceal any or all of the admin notifications from displaying in the dashboard. Quickly conceal any or all of the site’s admin notifications. This is another popular plugin feature, and it may be extremely beneficial for client sites.

Admin Columns

Admin Columns

Customize the columns that appear by default on pages that list your pages, posts, post types, and also taxonomies.

Quick Menu

Quick Menu

Place a floating menu symbol, which is similar to a chat window, with quick-access connections to crucial dashboard sections. It’s that little floating symbol in the lower-right corner of your screen. When you click on your symbol, other icons that lead to crucial tasks, such as writing a new post, will appear.

Drag-and-drop Reordering System

Drag and Drop Editor

Replace the list menu of pages, posts, or custom post categories using the popular drag and drop system. It’s also applicable to Media Library objects and taxonomies.

Dashboard Admin pages

Comments Edit WP Adminify Review

Create different custom pages in your dashboard in the area of your own content. Like, you can have a FAQ page that can be accessed by all the authors of your site.

Custom Dashboard Widget

Custom Dashboard Widget

Create a custom widget to display on your existing WP dashboard interface. You can customize your Welcome Widget too.

Cool Features for Productivity 

These are brand new functionalities that are not present in any manner on the default dashboard. Like, you receive a default PageSpeed Insights connection so you can evaluate the speed of your site straight from the WordPress dashboard.

And in terms of entirely new features, you will get the following:

Omnipresent Search Providing Instant Recommendations

Instant Recommendation

On a dashboard toolbar, you’ll see a new search box much usable to search all content on your site, pages, including posts, post types, and more. The plugin will display immediate search results after you enter.

Insight Integration with PageSpeed

Page Speed WP Adminify

One of the crucial roles you have to play is to test your site performance regularly. You must do it to ensure the utmost experience for all your consumers.

With the PageSpeed evaluation and insights module, you’ll be able to test URLs without even leaving the dashboard.

You’ll also get a tab tagged in History that lets them see previous test data so that you can realize how they have done.

Content and Media Folders

Content and Media Folders

Another convenient feature of WP Adminify is the option to arrange your information using folders. These folders give a bit more user-friendly interface for organizing stuff, particularly because people have become accustomed to utilizing folders on their PCs.

To begin, WP Adminify includes folders to the Media Library, allowing you to manage your photos. You can also create an endless number of color-coded manageable folders and add photos by dragging them.

The market is full of different kinds of WordPress Medial Library and folder plugins. However, WP Adminify features go further away and let users use folders to organize pages, posts, and custom post categories.

Disable Comments

Disable Comments

Now easily comment possibilities for a specific part of the entire part of your site. Also, you can now remove past comments and hide your dashboard comment section.

Login Customizer

Login Customizer

Customize the built-in login page.  You’ll get around 16 user-ready templates.

Notification Bar

Display a new custom bar for notification on the front end of a site.

Custom Sidebar

Custom Sidebar

Create an infinite number of custom sidebars for your website. Sidebars could be really a necessity at times.


Easily create a duplicate of any page, post, or post type with even one click.  You can set user roles and the actions they are allowed to duplicate content.

Menu Duplicator

Now swiftly duplicate a custom menu. Follow,

Menu Duplicator

Appearance → Menus. Duplicating the custom menu gives you more control over your navigation module.

Server Information

Server Information

The Server Info can be pretty useful for troubleshooting difficulties on the WP site. You can immediately examine a plethora of site information, including things like all the constants you’ve established in the wp-config.php file. View crucial technical details and analyze them from your WP dashboard. In addition, it lets you see error logs too. Also, you’ll be able to tweak WordPress constants customizing the .htaccess file, wp-config.php, robots.txt file, php.ini file, general information, and more.

Header and Footer Scripts

Header and Footer Script

Easily include custom scripts or any other scripts to your site header and footer. Customizability in the header and footer area gives better access to outline, design, and usability.

Activity Logs

Track every single action that users can take in dashboard-like website changes, user profile modifications, plugin or theme changes, and more.

Activity Log of WP Adminify

That’s quite a list of features.  The important point to note is that the plugin WP Adminify is entirely modular. You can quickly turn each of these functions active or inactive.

For instance, if you never want to see server information, you can just switch off the module of server information, and that function will be fully deactivated.

This allows you to keep the dashboard lightweight while still customizing the plugin according to your requirements.

Horizontal Menu

You can have your dashboard menu to the outside of your vertical sidebar. WP Adminify lets you change it to a straight horizontal menu.

If you don’t want to have a lot of menu items, you can alter them using the plugin’s parameters, and this function might be beneficial. However, if you have to deal with many menu items, it breaks into at least two rows.

Can WP Adminify Compatible with Other Plugins?

When utilizing a tool to rebuild the dashboard, it’s crucial to evaluate if it’ll work well with the interfaces of any plugin you may be using. This isn’t a problem specific to WP Adminify; it’s a problem that may occur with any plugin that modifies the dashboard. 

If a plugin utilizes the “standard” WordPress interface panels, you can get away with no issues.

Let’s have a look at a few instances from the plugins we evaluated.


There’ll be no issue if you want to use key Elementor features with WP Adminify. An important thing to note here is that people can literally. 

WP Forms

The WP Forms interface has a few CSS issues with the sidebars. Each option of the sidebar is arranged in a vertical space. But you won’t find it as a major issue and, most of the time, won’t notice it.

WP Adminify Pricing

The dashboard plugin provides its customers with 4 distinct plans. Let’s begin by learning about the plans.

WP Adminify Pricing


There’s no fee for using it here. You’ll get basic support and features, and a lifetime warranty. Get the free trial version.

$99 for Personal (Discounted to $79)

A personal plan allows you to access a single website for a one-year term. You’ll gain access to the unique features with a one-year update.

$299 for Business (Discounted to $99)

Almost equivalent to the last personal strategy. However, it gives access to three websites and also sensitive help.

$899 for Agency (Discounted to $399)

For a year, you’ll get unrestricted access to 100 sites, complete with unlocked premium features and personal support.

$2999 for Agency (Discounted to $499)

For a year, you’ll get unrestricted access to 100 sites, complete with unlocked premium features and personal support.


How to Install WP Adminify Plugin?

WP Adminify installs and activates similarly to other plugins. Simply install the WP Adminify plugin and go to Plugins>Add new from the dashboard. More information may be found in this WP Adminify installation tutorial.

Is WP Adminify translation ready?

Yes. WP Adminify is a WPML ready plugin. Users can change strings in their own languages.

Is WP Adiminfy RTL ready plugin?

Yes, it’s always an RTL-ready plugin for RTL users. If you’re one of them, you can count on this.

Is WP Adminify compatible with multiple websites?

Yes, the plugin can get along with multiple websites without a lag. You can rely on it totally as it’s been tested multiple times.


What you’ll love the most in this WP Adminify Review is that it’s modular. So, you can deactivate any functionality you don’t want and keep your dashboard clean.

The design and structure of WP Adminify are pretty appealing. While the style may seem a little subjective, the default interface and the inclusion of dark mode are fantastic.

We hope you’ll have a great time with WP Adminify.

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